Going to sit down and watch Disney’s new Tinkerbell movie #PirateFairy Look coloring sheets and an activity book!


Oh nothing just driving and listening to the #BillyJoel channel on Sirius/XM.

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Pharrell busts out the hat and some moves


And skipped Jennifer Lawrence.

That hat ha haaa

She woulda fell anyway…

Meryl’s eye contact, though… I can’t even look at a candy bar with that kind of intensity.

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I’ve been on tumblr for 4 years. who knew?

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Clearly I enjoyed my food from MacRoni truck at the #rdubatonbday party (at Raleigh Brewing Company)


At the screening tonight they gave away cups and beer koozies for the film #EscapePlan that’s not my had I asked the woman next to me to hold it.


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I was really bored today so I tried a bunch of #julep colors from October and the wizard of oz set. #notd


Skulls #theartofthebrick (at Alamance County Arts Councial)